Flying away,connecting with a path


2014.07.09 [wed] - 08.09 [sat]

OPEN 13:00-19:00
CLOSED Sun,Tues,Holidays

Gallery Art Unlimited will represent an emerging artist who got the first Eiji INA award at Night&Day2013.
Tamaki Shindo cuts her landscape photographs into thousands of pieces, collages them and recreates unexpected landscapes. She expands her work by photographing her collages into unknown landscapes which become mystical scenes. 
Tamaki Shindo’s landscapes for which she takes time and effort using analog techniques in this digital era will show us new creative world which we can not say it is just photos. 
Tamaki Shindo's first solo exhibition at Art Unlimited will show her new works mainly. She will have her workshop at Kawasaki City Museum on Saturday, 5th July and working process and solo show at Tokyo College of Photography. Also her photo book of the exhibition's same title Flying Away, Connecting with a Path, will be published by hamonicabooks.

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