S,M,L―Into the Unknown

Eiji INA/Saiko OTAKE/Michael KENNA/Meo SAITO/Toshio SHIBATA/Tamana MOTEKI/Aya MORITA etc.

April 10 (Sat) - May 22 (Sat), 2021 ⇒Suspension

Notice of 

Extension of Temporary Closure 

 Until May 31 , the gallery will be temporarily closed. 

With the Corona disaster, the world is facing a situation that none have ever experienced. We can feel the desire for art growing. In this exhibition, a variety of works by the artists of Art Unlimited will be exhibited in various sizes. The works will not be fixed, but will change fluidly. Viewable and available for purchase online as well. Art is a window to a world beyond our own. Let's depart to the unknown world through art, crossing time and space.